TD 601

product description

The LED display clock with 4 digits for visualization of astronomic time and automatic adjustement of mother-clock in net with GPS receiver. 

product characteristics


Overall dimensions: 250 х 110 х 50 mm
Visualized Information - 4 digits:
- Astronomical Time (hh:mm) - format 24h
Type of indication: one sided, seven segmented
Indication  element: (pixel): 5 mm Lighdiode
Digits resolution (pixels): 5 х 9
Digits height: 78 mm
Emitting color: red
Power supply: (180-240) VAC / (50-60) Hz
Maximal power consumption: 15 VA
Microprocessor control of display
Automatic adjustement of mother-clock in net with GPS receiver
Communication with mother-clock - serial RS-485 interface
Timer accurency: 1ms
Conditions for exploitation - indoor installation:
 - temperature: from  0°С  tо  40°С
 - relative humidity (w/out condensation):  up to 98%

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