HISTORY (photo)
  • 10.04.1989 – The company was founded.

It is one of the first companies registered in Bulgaria. A group of enthusiastic people, led by Nikolay Zarkov, dreaming to show the world that they are the best, began the creative activity.

  • 1991

- First airport systems developed.

- First real estate deals.


  • 1992

- Developed the first monochrome, large-format LED display for outdoor application.

- The world's first LED traffic lights have been developed.

- 1992-1994 - Large-scale actions with construction, repair and trade with real estate.

  • 1993

- Implementation of all outdoor advertising technologies in the production.


  • 1994

- The first multi-color LED display was developed.

- The first offshore representation in Moscow, Russia was opened.

- The countries, we have sold our products to, are 10.

- First developments of LED lighting.

- The first systems for halls for reporting sports performance scores for 20 types of sports - without analogue.


  • 1995

- The first full color large LED display was developed. During these few years, we were one of the top 5 in the world with such products.

- We sold the first products in South Korea.

- First participations in trade fairs:

VSN - Las Vegas, USA

COMDEX - Sao Paulo, Brazil

  • 1996

- Traditional annual participations in 4 fairs in Germany.

  • 1998

- We produced the first large LED screens for overseas.

  • 1999

- A mechanical machining project has been carried out with state-of-the-art machinery and technologies.


  • 2000

- The countries, we have sold our product to, are 30.

- A field for Home appliances was open.


  • 2002

- A project for the production of aluminum joinery was implemented.

- The design organization "MetallurgProject" was bought.

  • 2003

- Purchased industrial properties in the town of Dragoman - for relocation some of the productions outside Sofia.

- Developed complex systmes for train stations.

  • 2006

- Developed and implemented 10 new product groups in different industries.

- Joint projects with Chinese companies for Arab countries - four projects.


  • 2007

- We made the world's first 40-inch and 70-inch LCD totem.


  • 2008

- We sold the first electronic products in India.

  • 2009

- Representation in Munich, Germany was opened.

- Participation in a trade fair in Dubai.

  • 2010

- The countries, we have sold our product to, are 48 already.


  • 2011

- Introduction of an entirely new project called “Smart City” in BenQ Taipei, Taiwan.


  • 2012

- The countries, we have sold our product to, are 53 already.


  • 2013

- New projects related to complex solutions for municipalities - Bulgaria and abroad.

  • 2014

- Developed two projects related to technologies for "Media facade"


  • 2015

- Developed project related to the smallest pixel pitch of an LED screen in the world - 1.85 mm


  • 2016

- Developed projects for factory and technologies for lighting production.

  • 2017

- The development of a new concept for refrigerators was completed.

- Launch of the "Relax" project - construction of zones in the central parts of the city for a quick recovery from the stressful life in large cities. There will be a complex of high-tech things in the areas that will get the effect.

  • 2018

- Project “Rescuing People” - Various technologies for rescuing people from disasters, fires, earthquakes, floods, terrorism.

  • 2019

- Visit to Taiwan and preparation for strategic cooperation with local companies in order to enable them enter the European market.

- Start of a project for "Improving the visibility of drivers". Significant reduction of the dead zones in which the driver does not see.

- Project "Cooking Stoves". New, complex, innovative approach to developing and implementing a New Generation Stove - Second Stage.

- New Referee Signboard - Developing a New Referee Signboard to substitute soccer players.

  • 2020

- Electronic and medical complex for diagnostic and treatment using the "Cupping Test" method.

- Project "Megatex Industry" - Establishment of an International Complex for training, development and production of high-tech products. Participation of Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Romania, Turkey. The project will be implemented on the territory of two districts in Bulgaria. With the implementation there will be workers, engineers and lecturers – 100,000 people. The project is estimated at more than 5 billion euros.

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