Mouser Electronics (logo)

Electronic components

All Spectrum (logo)

Road signaling, solar street lighting

Samtec (logo)

Electronic components

Ledeca (logo)

LED screens, displays

Würth Elektronik (logo)

Electronic components; PCBs

Arla Plast (logo)

Polycarbonate panels

Permaflex (logo)

Magnetic foil


Audio systems


GPS receivers

KORTEK (logo)

Built-in monitors

Hansab (logo)

Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia

SAMSUNG (logo)

Built-in monitors

Osram (logo)

OSRAM (Germany), LEDs

MeanWell (logo)

Power Supplies (Taiwan)


One of the basic principles in our professional practice is the interaction with our environment. In this respect, a team of specialists carefully examines the potential partners relationships that can be identified. We believe that only by this way a modern company exists actively and maintains a leading position in the relevant market segment. Our mission is to provide the best information service based on high-quality LED and LCD technologies.

As a result of our partnership with world-renowned companies, our products are adapted and tailored to the individual needs of our customers. Their uniqueness in the market stems from the fact that we succeed in synchronizing and managing in a network of products other than type, functions and technologies (LCD, LED).

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